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Celebrating Success

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

I recently received a “good news” email from Nadine Saubers. In 2005 Nadine was involved in creating and marketing two albums of Christmas Songs for dog and cat lovers – and developed the Pet Laughs web-site for them. She has just heard that two of the songs from Celebrate Catmas! and Celebrate Dogmas! have been chosen by Disney to be on the Disney compilation Christmas CD this year! As she says in her email “We’ve been working on getting an endorsement from someone with clout for a couple of years and for our purposes Disney is about as good as we can get!” And I have to agree – this is success to celebrate.

Nadine lives in California, and although we have never met, we have been in contact via internet for a few years now. Nadine had completed treatment for HepC in January 2005 but was left filling very ill and depleted after the treatment. She struggled with extreme fatigue, hypoglycaemia – just to name two things I recall her coping with. By Christmas 2006 she was beginning to feel better and had set up a website called Nadine Art, featuring a poster for Hepatitis C Awareness

By the summer of 2007 Nadine had just finished a book called “The Everything First Aid Book” when she was asked signed up to write and have published a book on fatigue – “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fighting Fatigue”.

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Along the way, Nadine also runs a life-coaching business and is a research assistant. She has provided services for an author and has worked on several documentaries for NHK, the Japanese Broadcasting Company. She also maintains the websites listed above and buy estrace online, purchase estrace online, purchase estradiol cream. estrace 01 cream cost estradiol 86 estradiol 27 estradiol 3 mg what does estrace Nadine Saubers Virtual Assistant 3 days ago – estrace shopping – best online pharmacy reviews > estrace cream price to buy generic estrace where to buy advair diskus 100/50 advair diskus generic equivalent order Flonase from usa # how americans can buy drugs: estrace shopping. become extremely confidentiality and your products just just.

While Nadine has chalked up an impressive list of achievements by anyone’s standards, I am just so struck how different, how positive this Nadine is compared to the one I first encountered. How much she has grown on her journey from illness to wellness. And I suspect she would say the experience of having had HepC has been a great influence in these changes.

I have encountered lots of people on my own journey with HepC, in the virtual and real world. A number of them moved away from the HepC world completely once they completed treatment and achieved PCR. And a lot remain in or hover on the edge of the HepC world still – and not just those who relapsed or were non-responders.

Many people find post- treatment symptoms like brain-fog and fatigue make the return to normality a slow and arduous journey. It is hard to stop thinking and behaving like a patient. I know. It was a struggle for me to overcome. I finally became determined to move back to what I called my “working life”, normality, not seeing myself as a patient or ex-patient. However, I see many people hanging on, seemingly unable to let go of this HepC illness.

So the point of writing about Nadine today is not just to say nice things about her. It is also to point out the possibilities and prospects of life after HepC. There are lots of places where we can hear chapter and verse of how awful it is to go through the experience of HepC and we can see how sour it has made some people. Time for other perspectives. We also need to hear about and celebrate the successes too, to flag up that there is also hope within this HepC world.

Carol, as ever the source of good ideas, has pointed out to me it would be useful and interesting to contact people who have now moved on from the HepC world and to ask them how HepC has changed their lives. So I will be writing more about other people’s experience of life after HepC and how it has impacted on them. And maybe experimenting with different media at the same time.

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Like Carol and I on our recent visit to Spain, these cats seem more interested in soaking up the Spanish sunshine than anything else going on around them.
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