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Near Water Again

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

I’m on another work assignment now – entirely dissimilar from the last one. Different client group and different organisational issues. And in an entirely different location. This time it’s the heart of London in a high-rise building. But it’s by water again – this time the River Thames.

This is the view from my desk. Behind the red crane is MI6 headquarters. I try peering to see what they’re up to – even their windows are very opaque and mysterious. On the other side of the MI6 building is the office of the PR people who run the NHS Hepatitis C campaign and and the FaceIt photo exhibition 27 may 2013 … as well as you could buy cialis super active plus in: west virginia>>> propecia and minoxidil generic propecia Purchase that many of us took part in. Wonder if the same people are involved? Hmm, can’t say I’m that curious to find out.

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So I focus off into the distance and buildings like The Gherkin and, from nearby my desk, St Paul’s Cathedral
Sadly, but perhaps not surprisingly, I don’t have a view of the Thames from my desk. So I take a brief walk along the promenade outside the building – and capture these refreshing and interesting vistas.

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