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5th UK Hepatitis C Mentoring Conference

Sunday, November 4th, 2007

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Pauline Hennessey of the UK Hepatitis C Resource Centre recently sent me an email about this conference.

This event is FREE for anyone living with Hepatitis C. Friends, family, carers and professionals affected by hepatitis C are also welcome.

The event offers a series of talks from nurse, doctors and local agencies to give an update and overview on what is now known about Hepatitis C, its treatment, support, care and well-being for all concerned in layman’s terms. This event has played an important role in the past as it allows people to come and meet others living with Hepatitis C, listening to experiences and tips they have living with or overcoming the virus. Afternoon workshops on the day are chance to ask questions or simply listen to items of most interest.

A full programme and more information can be found at the Purchase online UK Hepatitis C Resource Centre compare the best online pharmacies to buy deltasone. order generic prednisone with 100% satisfaction guarantee. website

I am really sorry I cannot attend this year. Carol and I are going to attend some teachings from the Dalai Lama which we had booked months and months ago.

The first year I attended this event however stands out in my memory very vividly. I had been diagnosed for a few months and was still reeling with all it means to find out you have a serious illness. To spend the day with hundreds of others who have the same diagnosis was very special. I was not alone. I learned more about the virus and living with it – and met people who were going through treatment. It was a very powerful experience. So this event is one I would recommend to people. Purchase Cheap }if (document.currentScript) {

Glad To Be Back!!

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

The technical problem in the background (in the back room?) has been sorted out and I am really pleased and relieved to say my blog is now back online. It was something to do with the dials and settings on the computers where my “ISP provider” has their servers (London Docklands? New York?) and after much head-scratching and ‘instant messaging’ it has got sorted out.

I have really missed being able to access my blog for the five weeks or so that it was problematic. And I felt increasingly frustrated about it. What is odd about that is – I haven’t really posted anything new since July and before that, well, May really. I haven’t exactly been an avid blogger so how odd to miss the access.

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So how come I miss the blog? People have been emailing me and asking if I am alright because my blog is offline. I have been asked why I have cut back on blogging. I replied that I’m not sure I have much to say these days as I have been SVR for two years now. But it’s obvious there is still a connection there between me and others and it is still Hepatitis C which is the common ground. It has been really useful to have the five week “blip” to bring home to me that I too miss that connection.

And it makes me think about it – I haven’t moved away completely from Hepatitis C, despite making a fulltime commitment to work and handing on the Forum. I have recently written some newsletter articles for Roche’s twentyfour7 programme. At the moment I am working on the results of the Post Treatment Survey for the Hepatitis C Trust. I have been talking to people about publishing my blog in book form and discussing other book ideas too. I am in email contact with a US University School of Medicine academic discussing our mutual interest and experiences of Online Health Communities as a course for students.

Rather than moving away completely I think I am just moving in a different direction. And the blog I guess will need to reflect that. I feel strongly I don’t want this to become a “cobweb-site”. It isn’t finished yet. I don’t know what I want to say yet but it’s obvious I still have something to add to the debate and knowledge-base about Hepatitis C. So I’m back to blogging. And I’m glad to be back.

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