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My Camera Out And About

Monday, January 30th, 2006

I’ve been taking my camera out and about with me alot recently and took loads of photos in Spain again during our recent break there.
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I came across this image the other evening in the centre of London

Some other unusual images I’ve taken recently can be seen on my Flickr pages baclofen baclofen elavil and other histamine blockers and antidepressant pills. baclofen india mail order , can you buy baclofen over the counter in canada, . If you sign up as a Flickr member (it’s free) you can leave comments under these (and anyone else’s) pictures.

Usually I focus this blog on progress on my journey with HepC. I guess I can post these up as examples of what interests me at this point in my post-treatment recovery beyond the issues of my own health.

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Post Treatment Week 15: Keeping Up With The Pace

Saturday, January 28th, 2006

I was glad to read on the Forum buy cheap baclofen , generic name online category pain relief. this week that people who have been on treatment have had difficulties with their eyesight. Well I’m not happy they’ve had difficulties – just glad to hear it hasn’t only been me. I have found myself relying more and more on my reading glasses to see ‘middle distance’ objects like TV and computer screens over the past six or eight months. And Carol recently commented I was squinting without them to see the TV. I just vaguely thought I spend too much time in front of screens and my eyesight has deteriorated.

However it seems to be a very common experience amongst those doing the combo treatment for HepC. And the problem disappears after a few months off treatment. It’s a relief and reassurance to hear this news, even though it’s focussed on “problems”.

I am now convinced there is a value in describing and recording the post treatment experience, warts and all. Some say it is off-putting for those on treatment to read that the journey is not finished at the end of treatment – I know I struggled to decide what to write in the first weeks after treatment. Now I think otherwise. The more people share the negatives as well as the positives of their experiences the more informed people will be about what they might expect as they come off treatment and the more reassured they could feel that it isn’t just their experience in isolation. I was reassured to read someone writing on the Forum about mourning the end of their treatment – that was what I was describing in this blog Pills order online at usa pharmacy! buy dapoxetine with paypal . cheapest rates, viagra dapoxetine and viagra dapoxetine buy cheap Priligy dapoxetine online purchase. at the end of October and at the time it seemed a somewhat bizarre way of describing what I felt. Someone else’s similar experience lends credence to the possibility that this is generally part of the post-treatment experience. I am also convinced that medical professionals don’t have the same knowledge of post-treatment as they do of treatment itself. This is an area not focussed on or documented. Another gap in the body of knowledge around HepC treatment.

Carol and I enjoyed a restful break in Spain. Not as much sun as we would have liked but enough most days to enjoy my favourite pastime – basking in the sunshine with our morning coffee. We did a lot more walking than I’m used to at home. I was really pleased to negotiate all the steps up from the sea front without any hesitation or being short of breath. On the last few visits I had really struggled to make this journey, needing several rest stops along the way – even on the ay down. We enjoyed meeting friends for coffee and visiting family for several meals together.

I noticed I didn’t bounce back quite as quickly as I used to before treatment following a couple of late nights and found it took me several days to acclimatise to the damp air off the Mediterranean. I’m hoping these are part of my post-treatment experiences and will disappear over time.

The day after we returned home Carol came down with the flu – and so did I the following day. Change of climate again? Germs on the aircraft? Who knows. Both of us struggled with the usual flu symptoms – shivering, feeling feverish, aching joints and limbs, sore throat and dry cough. Three days later we have recovered although I can still feel some soreness in my right kidney. I notice the HepC experience has left me very aware and articulate about such pains – years ago I would have just described this as a pain in my back.

Overall I am feeling much more able – physically and emotionally, as the days and weeks go by. And ready to take on more of everyday life and keep up with the pace.

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3 Month Post Treatment PCR Results

Friday, January 13th, 2006

The results are back from my PCR – negative! Yesss. 🙂 🙂 😉 The virus is gone, eradicated, done for.

I am feeling happier and more celebratory about this PCR negative test result than the one just at the end of treatment. I expect this is because I am not too brain-fogged and fatigued to take it in – as I was then.

If I’m not mistaken, this now means there is a 99% chance that the 6 month post treatment PCR will also be clear.

It’s good news I will savour as Carol and I head off to Spain for a short break. Will check in on the Forum while we’re away and post here in a week or so.

My LFT’s are also normal – ALT is 11. I think that’s the lowest number I’ve had in years. And my thyroid test is within normal range, so no issues there. Anaemia is disappearing – good news too.

During treatment I frequently felt like an old man in his eighties. Over the past 3 months I have still felt older than my years – just not in my eighties. I look forward to losing this feeling as the anaemia disappears and my return to health progresses (well, MyNurse has promised this is how it works).

So I am now looking forward to being younger in a few months.

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HepC Awareness Exhibition in Reading 18th January

Thursday, January 12th, 2006

I received notification today from the people who organise the HepC Awareness Campaign that there will be a one day exhibition of the portraits next week:

Local Reading resident, Paul Bosse will be unveiling a unique display of large-scale photographic portraits of people with hepatitis C from across England in Reading’s Broad Street on Wednesday 18th January at 10.00am. The display, which features Paul’s portrait, forms part of the Department of Health’s FaCe It hepatitis C awareness campaign.

Media are invited to a photocall at 10.00am in Broad Street (outside the Oracle shopping centre), where it will be possible to interview Paul Bosse, who is living with the disease, a local hepatitis C expert and professional photographer Michele Martinoli whose images are on display and who herself has lived with the virus.

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Post Treatment: Week 13

Monday, January 9th, 2006

Today I went to my 3 month post-treatment appointment with MyNurse. At the clinic I was pleased to meet someone else on treatment who is a member of the Forum and to hear her views of how useful the Forum has been to her during treatment, as well as a little about her experience of treatment.

Blood pressure and weight checks out of the way, MyNurse asked how I have been feeling since the end of treatment. It was useful to try to summarise what has been going on for me during this period of time.

I still have some of the physical sides effects of treatment – some brain-fog at times, trouble getting to sleep, low energy, some aches and pains occasionally (including liver). But all in a less intense way than on treatment.

I think the treatment really took it out of me – knocked the stuffing out of me, sapped my vitality, any of these expressions. And I am still feeling this, although slightly less as the weeks go by. It was reassuring to hear MyNurse say this is usual after treatment – and the 48 weeks of peg interferon and ribavirin does take it out of you. More so than the 24 weeks, which is logical. I will be feeling differently in another 3 months – it does take up to 6 months to get the meds out of your system. She says she forewarned this before I started treatment. I believe her – but at that point I was so focused on starting treatment – and have had so much brain-fog since, I really don’t remember that discussion. (There’s a example of taking notes in appointments being useful for future reflection!)

I still feel the reverberations of the roller coaster effect of treatment emotionally too. I think treatment has taken its toll on me emotionally as well. I still have days when I feel very ‘heavy’ emotionally and sometimes low. My mind is more lively (what I call having my wits back instead of that drugged up feeling) and although I am thinking about what I want to be doing with my life I still don’t have the ability to get on with the things I want to do. Again I was reassured when MyNurse put that into words before I said it. She’s heard it all before.

Very usefully, MyNurse pointed out during treatment I often commented feeling slowed down like a very old man and that I was bound to still feel some of this too – which I do. I have been wondering recently how much this is a side-effect that will just remain. Her commenting on it first – as if it is usual, makes me think this will recede and I will feel my real age again soon. I’m not ready to be an old man yet.

And she repeated a familiar message that others have said to me, one I’ve repeated to myself before and also said to others: don’t give yourself a hard time about what you’re not doing now – it will come in time.

I’m aware that I’m writing fairly much the same news and same picture that I’ve been writing about over the past few weeks about myself. Recently, however, I’ve begun to think – this is it, this has been my ‘return to health’. What I’m experiencing will just go on and these side-effects will just remain – the permanent effects of treatment.

So today I’m feeling more reassured there is change yet to happen and I can look forward to leaving these doldrums behind. Carol and I are taking a short break in Spain soon. This will mark the end of the 3 months post-treatment, and the beginning I hope of a more fruitful and productive phase of returning to health. buy amoxil online, amoxicillin liquid for cats no prescription, where to buy amoxicillin for cats .
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