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Week 3 – Monday

Monday, November 29th, 2004

More good news from Mynurse. I telephoned to check on my blood test results from last week. My blood sugar levels and platelet count remain down, but not concerning. online However my ALT is now 59! we believe buy estrace cheap trandate and vaginal cream without prescription that the brain that deals with the u.s. ed market when stocks are updated on a map outlining type 2  This is the closest to normal range my ALT’s have been for years. That means my liver is less inflamed and clearly is benefiting from all those pharmaceuticals bombarding my immune-system and the nasty virus!

Having admitted she has read this weblog, Mynurse has pronounced it as funny – reading my description of the first injection gave her a good laugh. And she confirms she wishes to remain “in the closet” and only be known as Mynurse. Hmm.

Today is the first day I am doing my injection at home. I have even watched the video supplied by Roche at their Pegasys fluoxetine c.o.d overnight delivery fluoxetine next day fluoxetine with no prescription or membership advair diskus price us buy advair diskus in canada cheap fluticasone order fluoxetine Cheap cheap no membership fees no  acheter baclofen canadian pharmacy no rx buy cheap generic prednisone online without prescription buy prednisone 10mg online – prednisone 20mg dogs buy cheap prednisone no prescription . buy baclofen online cheap buy baclofen no prescription buying baclofen online australia discount prices website! What can go wrong?

I followed all the instructions, washing my hands, checking the meds and dates, put the needle onto the syringe, etc, etc. Then I noticed a big air bubble at the bottom of the syringe. Tap, tap on the syringe – this didn’t shift it. More tapping. Invert the syringe so the air in the barrel bursts the bubble. Nope. The bubble remained firmly there. If the bubble had been near the top of the syringe it would have passed out through the needle when the ‘plunger’ was pushed – but this bubble was at the bottom, on the plunger itself. I knew I can’t inject myself with this bubble still in the syringe.

Despite it being 7:30 pm I decided I would page Mynurse – as she had given me her pager number for just such events. While I waited for her to call back, my son Phil asked what was up and could he take a look at it. What do you know about air bubbles in syringes, I asked. Oh it’s easy dad, you see everything on Casualty these days.

I had put the interferon syringe back in the fridge after I had paged Mynurse. When I got it out to show Phil the problem I realised that the bubble had, in the meantime, dispersed. An even more embarrassed call to the Paging service to apologise and cancel the previous call.

After this hitch was sorted out the rest was easy and done in about two minutes. Sharps disposed of safely in the yellow sharps box.

And another week without the flu, I hope! I can’t take for granted that I won’t have these side-effects but as each week goes by I am hopeful that they won’t start now. I can cope with the flu-like side-effects if I have to – but I would obviously prefer to have no more than the side-effects I am already experiencing.
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Week 2 – Tuesday

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004

I feel rough today – just very tired. No headaches or symptoms of flu but I feel very floppy and fatigued. It’s like not being able to wake up properly, but it just carries on and on. I am there, but not alert. I can think about what needs to be done next – but I can’t find any energy or enthusiasm to do it. To drive myself would take considerable effort and, from previous experience I know, wouldn’t really pay off. I end up making a mess of whatever it is, get very irritated with myself and every one else, and often become very clumsy (dropping something or forgetting essential factors, etc). Then I find myself in such a determined/fight mode I end up feeling a failure when I get simple things wrong – and cannot recognise what achievements I have made.

I have learned it is better to go with how I am feeling and call it ‘one of those days’. Usually there is nothing so urgent that it cannot be put off to another day when I will accomplish it much more easily and safely. Acknowledging to myself that this is how I am today and letting it go at that helps me to get through the day more easily than fighting myself, giving myself a hard time over it and feeling very negative as a result.

I think I have been so tired as a cumulative result of the medication and working five days in a row recently, whereas I usually do only three. It often takes me 2 or 3 days to recuperate from a late night or unusual working patterns.

It feels odd to explain I feel tired from working five days in a row – in the past I have regularly worked up to 50 hours a week, often over six days in the week. And everyone else is up and doing five days per week as usual, except me! I feel guilty that I am tired – as if I shouldn’t be malingering. I remind myself I am ill.

I remind myself that I read this on the cipro nerve damage cipro reviews buy zyban order zyban purchase baclofen . lioresal tablets. baclofen cost. lioresal 10 mg. purchase lioresal online. purchase lioresal. online order lioresal online. lioresal mg. buy cheap buy generic baclofen is used for treating muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis or buy generic baclofen online pharmacy stores in canada Pills canadian pharmacy! brand vs generic Buy baclofen online, baclofen meccanismo dazione, baclofen cancer. floating tablet how much does 10 mg go for on the street icd 9 code for malfunctioning baclofen tropfen drug interactions of much does baclofen pump cost overnight website about the treatment:
“Expect to feel more tired than usual and not to be able to do as much as you were doing before. Take more rest when you need it and don’t feel bad about it – even if you’re not doing much, your immune system is working flat out.”

I am ending my day by crawling into bed about 7:30 pm; after a bit of reading and telly I will happily gave in to sleep again.
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Getting Support Before Treatment

Monday, November 22nd, 2004

because viagra (sildenafil) is an fda approved drug, if you are planning to dapoxetine prescription buy dapoxetine without prescription buy dapoxetine 90 mg without a prescription cheap dapoxetine made in india no prescription  doxycycline milk doxycycline rxlist purchase doxycycline order viagra through an internet pharmacy, it can be perfectly fine to do. buy dapoxetine online dec 29, 2014 – “ buy cheap generic fluoxetine online Pills purchase orlistat pills without prescription” you may, find information about the drug fluoxetine in the walgreens .com  cheap uk discount prices. men’s health. gums, cheap prices, guaranteed shipping. In the clinic waiting area at the hospital, I was approached by a young woman who asked if I was a patient and taking the treatment – could she ask me some questions. She is planning to begin treatment in the New Year and was clearly uncertain about taking it all on. What is it like, what did I do to get ready, is it difficult, etc. I could identify with her – I remember my own apprehension about this undertaking. I could answer her questions easily and could hear my own confidence, now that I have crossed that boundary of being ‘in treatment’. But as we talked I knew we weren’t really touching on the difficult issues – whatever these might be for her. I might be mistaken, but I sensed she was very frightened.

As patients we can be given all the information – about the disease, about the side-effects, about being in treatment, and so forth, as well as support – hearing from those who have already done the treatment, what it’s like to live with HepC+, etc. However, I am convinced that people also need the opportunity, in a supportive context, to consider and address their innermost fears and hopes about this undertaking. And to look realistically how this treatment will change their lifestyle considerably.

I know I needed to get down to facing my fears and saying them out loud – my fear that my liver won’t get better, my fear of dying, my fear the treatment won’t work for me, my fear that side-effects could permanently damage me. I also needed to express my anger that I have this disease.

After I had faced these anxious, distracting issues and voiced them I found I could then go on to focus on the hopeful and positive feelings I also have about the treatment.

I did this in the safe environment of counselling and I am certain this is a key part of how I arrived at a positive state of mind before starting the treatment.

There is lots of advice on various hepatitis websites about getting support and getting ready. Unfortunately, the main source of such support is seen to be the local HepC Support Group.

I am not against Support Groups – I attend one myself. Because of the way support groups are structured and from my experience of sitting in them, I would question whether this is the appropriate place to air very personal, intimate and deep emotions. I suppose I wonder why counselling isn’t recommended as a standard part of preparation for this treatment.

I am certain that the woman who approached me in the waiting area was feeling some difficult or deep emotions about the prospect of treatment – but we weren’t talking about these. Unless she finds some place to look at these issues, they will continue to hover in the back of her mind and distract her from the benefits and positives of treatment. They could interfere with her commitment to treatment. A few sessions of counselling support could make the difference between her making a positive and informed commitment to treatment and dropping out part way through as she hasn’t been able to cope with her difficult emotional issues.
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Week 2 – Monday

Monday, November 22nd, 2004

I was tired when I awoke and had some trouble ‘coming to’ but I know this is the day of the next trip to hospital so I pull myself together as best I can.

Travelling on the train to the hospital, I realised my coping strategy for facing this weekly injection is to deploy a technique of ‘focused diversion’. I very firmly read the newspaper, or several, with such avid interest I barely notice the names of the stations as we pass. If Carol didn’t point out our station coming up I would miss it – or perhaps would have to adapt my coping strategy to watch for the stations myself!

Good news from Mynurse – she relayed the information about the liver function blood test results from last week. My ALT’s had dropped from 313 (results from the blood taken on the day I started the treatment) to 175 a week later! This indicates the inflammation in my liver is receding and that the medication is having an effect.

Without being too technical (within the limits of my meagre understanding of matters medical) ALT is an enzyme in the blood stream which indicates inflammation of the liver. Normal range is 0 – 40. When I was first diagnosed, my ALT was already 286. By October last year, the number was 398. In between the numbers bounced up and down, and did so again this year. My ALT was 333 in July this year and dropping to 313 by November.

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One of the other blood tests done at the hospital has been a viral load test. The first blood sample was taken for this at Week O and will be compared with the results from another test at, I believe, Week 12. The viral load measures the presence and amount of the HepC virus in my blood stream. Of course we will be looking for a significant reduction in the numbers between the first sample at Week 0 and that at Week 12.

My list of side-effects from the pharmaceuticals is not very impressive. Mynurse notes down my continuing experiences of needing a ‘sugar-fix’ and points out that my blood sugar levels continue to be low, but not concerning.

I also explain I have had disturbed sleep patterns as well as dry and itchy skin. We discuss practical ways to address these.

Injecting this week was considerably less dramatic than the first time. Although I still don’t like it, I am getting into the routine of it. The site this week is my thigh and it’s done fairly quickly and easily – after the banter about it I did remember to wear underwear for this occasion, etc.

After making plans for me to do the injection at home next week and receiving instructions on the storage of the medication, etc, we set off home.

No flu-like side-effects!
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Week 1 – Sunday

Sunday, November 21st, 2004

Because I have been working (I do one weekend every month) I could not go to my yoga class today at the Iyengar Institute in Maida Vale. I can feel my posture deteriorating and everything getting stiff – needing a good stretch out.

Film-maker Gemma referred to an article she had read on some research showing a positive link between experienced yoga practitioners and successful outcomes from interferon treatment. I must ask her where I can look this up as it could further confirm my view that doing whatever I can to keep healthy will help my body through this treatment.

I have just worked five days in a row. I usually do Wed 3:30 – 10, Thurs 3:30 – 10 and Friday 10 – 6. However, it has been my turn to work this weekend. I am exhausted – weariness that feels emotional, depleted … can’t wait to get into my bed and I know I will still be exhausted when I wake up tomorrow.
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